UiPath Executor Stopped Working and Execution Stopped

Getting this type of error at a certain point where validation and accounting related activities included In ORACLE

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You can check my previous post

You can downgrade your excel packages and try

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thanks, @Srini84
I am not using excel But I am getting this error while doing validation and accounting in Oracle


Can you share screens, where you are facing issue



after selecting Validate and click on ok


did you update your Java Plugin? Also please try to debug, so that we can get to know some more details about the error

Hope this helps


ya, there is updated java plugin and while debugging I am not getting any other detail rather than that error popup .


ok, are you attempting any connect activity to Oracle database?

If possible can you share the workflow, so that i get to know what is automation flow


No, we are not using any connect activity

I’m having the same issue.
It happens while running the robota and debugging from studio (it even crashes the studio if I just try to check if the element exists).
The error I get is exactly the same and provides no usefull information.

From the testing I did, it seems the error occurs when ORACLE enters some kind of non-responsiveness state. In this state, it is generating a report, and when any activity attemps to interact with ORACLE the robot simply crashes.

This situation started happening when I updated several pakages, and was able to determine it was cause by the update of the package iPath.UIAutomation.Activities from [19.11.1] to [20.4.3].

There are to obvious solutions:

  1. Roll back the package update
  2. Since the error occurs while the process is waiting for a [success] pop-up, I can use a “Find Image” activity (without defining a selector)

I would rather have a more robust solution with the packages updated.

Using 2.93 pacakage of excel