UIPath Enterprise Edition 2018.4.3 Bug Report about SAP Automation

Scenario: UIPath studio crashed on upon indicating element on SAP Automation

Steps to reproduce:

Using SAP GUI 750
When downloading document, a window dialog for selecting folder location appears.

I have tried the following UI components:

  • “Type into”: indicate element inside window and hover the window dialog, UIPath crashes
  • Click image: after clipping image region, UIpath crashes
  • Using UI explorer to select window dialog, UIpath crashes

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: UIPath Studio Enterprise Edition 2018.4.3

OS Version: Window 10 Enterprise Edition

P/s: Are there other alternatives to achieve downloading file to selected folder for SAP GUI 750 using UIPath?

Hi @hoangthai

I would suggest contacting our technical support.
It might be that they’ve handled similar issue and will be able to help you.