UiPath Edge Bowser Extension is disabled for the Java Web app Automation

Hi All,

I am facing one issue in automating a java-based web app. And it is accessible through Edge Browser only. I have added the UiPath Extension on the Browser but it is grayed-out for the Required application but working fine for other web app in Edge browser.

Also when I am trying to select elements for the required web-app it is not picking or highlighting individual elements instead of that it is picking the Complete Window as one frame.



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Did you install the java extension?it is important to work with java based applications


Thankyou for the suggested approach. Currently I have not install java extension I thought only Edge Browser extension is enough.
But i wiil try this as well.

Hi @Anil_G
I have a one more doubt - the java based web app is opening in IE mode on Edge browser and not supporting Edge browser extension… It is grayed-out… So what changes we need to make in browser settings to make the extension active and accessible for Studio.


That might need more diagnosis…We have to see why that is disabled…even if you open manually is it disabled?

and from side side are there any pop ups that asked to disabled extensions?

are other extensions also disabled?


Yes… every extension is disabled for that app. Even when we try to load application manually.
But the same extension is working fine for other web-app on edge browser.


You have to check with the application team ideally…that would be better…because manually also its getting disabled…so its like the site is blocking all the extensions

On this you can check is this…and see if the site is added to block the extensions and if yes remove them