Can we automate UI based application using UI Path?

Can we automate any web-based application in general? Ours is a Java Web-based application with a lot of screens, where we have to create orders from different web-based applications using different browsers. I wanted to make sure if UI path supports such automation in the first place to get started with. Thank you much in advance.

Hi all, any thoughts on this?

@Monika_Reddy - you can do the automation without any issues.

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Hi @Monika_Reddy,

Uipath has the capability to automate the mentioned scenarios.

As far as java is concerned , uipath has extensions made specifically for java based application. So you can always enable the extension and automate.

you can always create an POC with uipath community edition version to understand the capabilities of uipath.


Thank you @mukeshkala and @GBK

@mukeshkala - Can you please let me know what Java extension that I need to add? Is it UIpath.Java.Activities?

Please have a look at the mentioned thread

Hi @mukeshkala

I am seeing this error when clicked on Java under tools. I closed all my applications and tried. Any thoughts on that?

Can you restart the machine and try to install the extension without opening any java applications

@MuralidharVankamaddi- that worked. ty much!!