Call Chrome extensions Spider mark II using UIpath

Hi There, I am trying to call chrome spider mark II add-on automatically using UIpath (to create a monitoring script) for my website. Step looks very simple, but I am not able to do it by following any existing posts, so had to open a new one.


  1. I have spider mark II add-on added in my chrome browser.
  2. I have UIpath extension added in my chrome browser.
  3. I am running Chrome version 66 on win 7 machine.

What script will do:

  1. Just click the spider icon on chrome browser header. (successful)
  2. This opens a pop-up “Site spider” with “Go” button.
  3. Click the “Go” button in the pop-up- I am stuck here. Looks like script is not able to recognize the “Go” button inside the pop-up. I tried with Anchor element, tried with F3 to enable the region mode following post UiPath does not recognize Chrome extension/modal window
    Seems none are working. Any alternate way to fix this?

Thanks very much in advance!

We’re you able to fix this issue @Purba_Dutta?