UiPath Documentation Updates

Because we like our job and we do it well, the online Studio, Robot, Orchestrator and Activities guides have become rather thick so to speak.

Therefore we, the UiPath Documentation Team, figured that it would be a good idea to spread the word about the latest pages and information added to the guides, so you can have it all at your fingertips.

Without further ado, here are the most notable bits of information added to our online guides:

Studio Guide

  • Learn about project dependencies by reading this thing here.
  • Dependency conflicts can be difficult to understand, check this page to learn more.
  • Libraries make it easier to automate projects, read about them here.
  • Source control repositories are easier to access from the Team tab in Studio.
  • Manage activities packages from the revamped Package Manager.
  • The Publish window helps to effortlessly publish processes and libraries.
  • Smoother and more agile Selector Editor and UI Explorer
  • The ScaleCoordinates Migration Tool is documented here.
  • The ScreenScrapeJavaSupport Tool is detailed here.


Orchestrator Guide

  • Learn all there is to know about machines in Orchestrator here.
  • Managing libraries in Orchestrator is easy, especially after you read the docs.
  • Jobs and schedules in Orchestrator are nicely explained in the guide.
  • See localization pertaining details at host and tenant level.
  • Details about non-working days can be found here.
  • Requests for libraries, check them out here.
  • The Customization tab in Orchestrator is neatly explained here.
  • Input and Output Parameters explained here and get the example.
  • Frequently Encountered Orchestrator Errors and how to manage them.

Redis and API

  • How to install Redis on Windows and what to store there, find out here.
  • Compatibility matrix for Studio, Robot and Orchestrator - the Holy Grail.
  • How to change your Windows Authentication Protocol from NTML to Kerberos - link.
  • Example requests for Input Output Arguments in the Orchestrator API.
  • Permissions Per Endpoint - instructions here.

Robot Guide

Activities Guide

We have enhanced the Activities guide with examples for all of the new activity packages that have been released with the 2018.3 UiPath Platform:



Due to the interdependent nature of the activities in this pack, we have created a single example which shows the relationship between all the activities in this pack.

It can be found here.




Thanks @alexandra.vaidos, this is helpful for everyone!

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