UiPath Document Understanding OCR for CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) Public Preview

We are excited to announce the release of a new OCR that supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. The OCR will be integrated with UiPath Studio as an activity that can be directly used with the Document Understanding Framework, as well as integrated with the Document Understanding App. This version is cloud-only. On-premise version will be supported very soon. Stay tuned!

OCR Endpoint by Region
West Europe: https://du.uipath.com/cjk-ocr
Japan: https://du-jp.uipath.com/cjk-ocr
Singapore: https://du-sg.uipath.com/cjk-ocr

How to Use the OCR Activity in Studio

  1. Please add the UiPath.OCR.Activities 3.6.2 or later version to Studio.
  2. Please open a DU Framework, and drag and drop the OCR for CJK activity to the Digitization step. You could find the activity through search or under OCR.Activities. For more details about the DU Framework, please check the documentation: Document Understanding Process: Studio Template
  3. Open property for the activity and configure the endpoint and your Document Understanding API key. For more details about the API key, please refer to the documentation: API Key

Soon to be added in Forms AI or Data Manager too.

Happy Automating! Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions.


Great. Any news about a version of studiox for mac?

Oh my Gosh… Oh my Gosh… Oh my Gosh… Incredible Accuracy! Is this Deep Learning engine’s power?