Japanese, Chinese, Korean Error

OCR - Japanese, Chinese, Korean: Request CorrelationId: 6903a4cb-2ffc-49a5-92c7-79b4b0fae7ec
Request PredictionId:
Error performing OCR: Response indicates an error: Unauthorized, Error: Could not validate api key EngineError

이거 왜 뜨는 걸까요/


As per the error api key is wrong…please check and use the proper api key…generally you can find it in orchestrator admin page unless it is a separate license



Can you try to set API key of not DocumentUnderstanding but ComputerVision as the following?

We can get it from Admin - License in AutomationCloud.


I entered the API key, but the error code still appears. I have no idea what the problem is.


Did you have same error even if used Computer Vision Api key?
Which endpoint did you set?



What do I set the endpoint to?
Can you tell me how?!


Can you try to set the following URL at Endpoint property, for example?



Oh! What if it’s Korean?

It’s one of CJK OCR endpoint. We can choose WestEorope, Singapore or Japan according to the above document.