Cannot install the package credentials.activies on Studio 23.4

Hello Community,

i have the folowing problem. After updating the studio to 23.4.1, the activity “get secure credentials” can no longer be found/loaded. I also cannot install the package UiPath.credentials.activities because it is not found. Why is this? On the older studio version (2020.10) this is not a problem. In addition, the pre-release versions of the packages are displayed on the older version but not on the new version.

I need that activity, but how to get it on Studio 23.4?

Thank in advance for the help and reply

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Hi @kibar.albayoglu1

Click on Manage Packages=> Click on All Packages=> Type UiPath.Credential.Activities=> Click Install=> Click Save.

Make sure In filters option you have Include Prerelease option enabled.

Hope it helps!!

Hey, thanks for your tip. I tried that a long time ago and got the message: Unable to load the service Index for source

Whether this is a network/firewall problem? Other UiPath packages are loaded and displayed. that’s strange.


May be network problem. Check with that.


May be network problem problem check that.And check by updating the package to latest version .

Gayathri M K