UiPath.Credentials.Activities.GetSecureCredential returns true, even if the credential doesn't even exist?

Hello together,

I’m currently running into problems because the Activity “UiPath.Credentials.Activities.GetSecureCredential” does not behave as expected.

I’m trying to read some credentials from the windows credential manager and when the credentials are there, it works just fine, but when they are not set at all, the boolean check that is supposed to theck if the credentials were retrieved sucessfully, still returns true…?

If the credentials don’t exist, I would expect that it returns false, otherwise this check is rather useless…

Does anyone know how to get the correct behaviour?

I’m talking about this activity: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/get-secure-credential

I’m working fully offline, no Orchestrator involved (also not temporarily offline!).


Am I the only one with this kind of issue? :thinking:


How we’re checking if credentials exists or not in our system?

Have a view on this


Hello @richard2e

If that is the case you can use an if condition and check the username or password. If the count of username is zero, then throw an exception.