Can't retrieve Windows Credentials

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Can anyone get me through this?

I’m testing with “Get Secure Credentials” activity to fetch the WIndows Credentials but the fetched data is empty. No explicit errors occurred while running, though.




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Hi @hongjoo.choi ,
Thanks for reaching out to UiPath community.
Please double-check if the credentials you are trying to retrieve are stored in the Windows Credential Manager.

If everything seems correct, consider checking the scope of the activity. Make sure the activity is within the right workflow scope to access the stored credentials.
Like checking the scope of the Username variable .


Hello @hongjoo.choi

LogMessage Level=“Information” Message=“Username: {{Username}}, Password: {{Password}}”

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Hi @hongjoo.choi ,
You can check type of output ‘Credential’


HI, Nguyen

When I create variables of username and password from the “Get Secure Credentials” activity, they are automatically set to string and secured string, respectively.

Could you clarify about the additional work needed for the existing variables?

MY guess is:
As I see the username is not even logged at all. it seems the activity does not fetch any data from the Windows Credentials. Is my understanding not correct?

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Hi @hongjoo.choi ,
Could you please show your “Control panel” setup “Credential”
Please check my step,
Hope you don’t confuse “Window” and “Generic”

please select “Generic credential”

hope it help,

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