Problems with Windows Credentials

Hi !

I am making an automation and i want to get the credentials from the windows credential management.

I can get the user but the password comes empty, have you get this issue before?


Thanks !

Hello @feloyow

Hope you have created the credentials in the windows credential manager with username and password.

Then you can use Get Secure Credential activity to get the required details.


Hi @feloyow

Create a new credential and check with that one


Hi @feloyow

Check out this thread


Yeah, i created it, but when I used get secure credentials to get pass didn’t work unlike the user name

The problem is with Windows credential category, with generic doesn’t have problem.

Is there any way to use Windows credential and get the password (i’m getting the user but not the pass) ?

Have you check this post @feloyow


Can you check the below post.

How to work with Windows Credentials.