Unable to find Get Secure Credentials activity under System group

Hi I am new to UIPath and working on my first assignment and apologies if this questions seem to be off from the pro standards. I am unable to find the Get Secure Credentials under the System>Credentials category. Kindly share if I am missing something / or this activity is not available with the studio version (2021.10) I am using.

uipath system folder

There is slight change in the name of activity you are searching for

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Thankyou for your quick reply. Would appreciate if you can share how could I use it to get creds from Windows credentials (if possible).

Hi @Babar_Bashir

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Please install the below package and you will get it.



Hope this will help you.Thank you.

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Thankyou Jobin, I was able to install the missing package . This should solve the issue.

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