How to capture columns correctly

Hello, could you help me?

When I use the table extraction wizard I cannot capture the column names correctly, it looks like the image below: Column 1, Column 2,

Has anyone got this issue yet?

Follow the url:

Hi @Israel_Silva
You could edit column name while extracting the table

So, the problem is that the column data is dynamic, I can’t set a value, I need to inform that those fields are columns.

Hi @Israel_Silva,

As I can see the in your screenshot that your second row is column.

you can delete the first row after extracting the data and you will get the data table with headers.



FYI , As workaround, the following renames column with content of the first row and deletes the first row. This will convert the datatable to what you expect. (3.1 KB)


When designating the data, click the first column of the second row where the data starts. Don’t click the column header.

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Thank you!!

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