UiPath Connect! is officially launched!


Everyone, the rumors are true! We have just launched a brand NEW PLATFORM, UiConnect! (yayyy :tada:)

UiConnect! is born to offer individual users, business, technology and community (amazing community :wink: :wink: ) a space where they can show off your achievements in RPA. It is a space for community users to generate and collaborate on RPA related projects to ultimately accelerate innovation in the industry.

Why we did it and what features UiConnect! brings?

  • For FUN(yeah, we had a lot of fun brainstorming and putting together the pieces to create this platform)

  • A unified user profile page picking up the user achievements from Forum, Academy and Go! and displaying them in a gamified view through badges and ranks. Additionally users can share on their activity feeds announcements, news, articles that you consider interesting

  • A unified company profile page for UiPath Business and Technology partners as well as small community businesses

  • Users will now be able to search, follow and connect to other users, through a new Explore People option or with UiPath Business and Technology partners as well as community small community start up businesses through a new Explore Company option

  • Projects space - where community users can actively participate in crafting the future of RPA by presenting their RPA related ideas under the form of Projects or by collaborating or following Projects that fall in their area of interest

  • Share this app: capability to share on social media, slack and over email component profile pages and Project pages

  • Did I mention we also had FUN while doing it? :dancing_women:

Happy exploring!.. and don’t forget to come back here for a chat :blush: or leave your thought in the UiConnect! category.

If you want to take a look at the official UiConnect press release please follow this link: https://www.uipath.com/news/launching-uipath-connect

ps: this was possible in such a short time with the dedication and passion of @Ana_Cinca (spam her with suggestions and congrats :smile:) and look out for Community Builders on Connect!

Let's create a blog space!

This is quite interesting stuff.
looking forward it to be the hub of RPA innovators.

Is the unified user profile page is automatically built some predefined logic. can we add few tips on how the profile value can be improved

one suggestion - Add one or two user holds to user profile [ based on users choice ] - This will add more credibility to profile


Can’t wait to collaborate on some projects to help non-profits and unis in the project space :slight_smile:


@FebinKAndrews tips and any kind of feedback is more than welcomed. You can use the UiConnect! category.


@Ana_Cinca Congratulations!!! You are awesome!!!

UiPath Connect is really amazing. I can’t wait to start to share my projects and my Custom Activities with the Community :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all UiPath Team.



Look forward to using it and building up the community!


Logged in and it looks wow once again great work UiPath Team @Ana_Cinca Congratulations

Components, Projects, Forum Achievements, Profile everything at one place awesome




Loved the UiConnect!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Suggestion: does the profile can also have the total solutions, likes etc count as like in Forum profile, or the link to forum profile from UiConnect profile? It would be great :slight_smile: (sorry if its already there and i have missed)



If you’re still not convinced to join Connect our colleague @PaulP has created this:


@megharajky Connect and Forum (and Academy) integration is already planned. We aim to be able to see in your profile you activity from the Forum, your courses from Academy etc.

Thanks for the suggestions, don’t be sorry, it’s a confirmation that we are on the right track. :heart_eyes: So keep the feedback coming, we want to make it easier for you to browse through all UiPath spaces. :wink:


Pretty cool :sunglasses:
Itz growing faster than imagined :star_struck:


Yeah, we have the same feeling :blue_heart:


Visited the site and updated the profile. Its a great idea.


Wow… It’s really awesome :heart_eyes: … Congrats to @Ana_Cinca and whole UiPath team behind the UiConnect project. Happy to see that our UiPath family is thriving with spectacular stuffs. Thanks for the showcase and expecting more innovative ideas like this… :grinning::+1:


UiPath Team is awesome!!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Thanks!!! Let’s automate :robot::robot::robot::robot:


Awesome!!! UiPath connect :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: !!! Thankq UiPath​:clap: :clap:


A brilliant piece of work :slight_smile: . Keep Going UiPath… :muscle:

Rammohan B.


To be frank, Let me say, its really make others jealousy with the superb Platform and tremendous growing…:smile::smile::smile:


Awesome :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thanks UiPath Team for innovative ideas :+1:


Way to go UiPath, go go team!!! :hugs::hugs::star_struck::star_struck: