Let's create a blog space!



Let’s create a blog space!

We have recently launched UiConnect! (if you did not check it out, please do so now and come back to this post later) :slight_smile:

Your reaction was overwhelmingly positive and it motivates us to work even harder to make our community shine.

This is why we need your voice!

We have an idea to improve Connect! with a blog space for everyone in our community who is willing to share their stories, knowledge and expertise with other users.

We are especially interested to know if you would like to have a dedicated blog space where you can write and share your content with the community or read the material created by the community?

Also, we are curious to know if you would be more interested in the technical/tutorial type of content or more on the inspirational side of articles? Or maybe something completely different altogether?

We’re counting on you to help us choose the right direction :slight_smile:


Love this @loginerror - I’d say blogs would be great, both inspirational and technical. I know it can be hard for new RPA analysts or BAs to identify the perfect processes within their companies if they don’t know where to look.


@loginerror That’s a great suggestion :clap:. Appreciate your efforts to scale us up always :blush: :beers:. I would suggest to create a blog where we can share interesting stuffs happening in the industry rather than technical/tutorials as it’ll be like a bit replica of our Community Forum (apologize me if I’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). As you said about inspirational articles would also be more interesting. Let’s have thoughts from multiple users too :wink:


@loginerror, it is a great idea!
Also i would love to have both the contents tech and inspirational, seperate tabs or workspace for these separate topics will be a good thing to have. :smile:



Was expecting something like this, thanks for the post :star_struck:
We love to have the dedicated blog which consists of the various categories (like you mentioned technical/tutorial, inspirational etc) It would be great to have everything connected and easy to navigate.
To be more specific, All the forum posts, blog posts should get listed in Connect (i know many things are planned for Connect and expecting it to be more UXed but still curiosity kills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)