📢 Join the "Build your first Studio Web Project" Use Case Challenge

Dear Community enthusiasts,

Welcome to the “Build your first Studio Web Project” use case challenge, on your dedicated UiPath Community Forum! This is your chance to demonstrate your skills and innovatively in UiPath Studio Web. Before you dive in, please take a moment to review and give your consent to the following terms and conditions outlined in the attached document:

Studio Web Challenge 2024.pdf (966.8 KB)

Don’t feel inspired? Check out our “UiPath Studio Web: A Beginner’s Guide to Automation” for 15 use case ideas that could ignite your creativity. And for those seeking a deeper dive, be sure to watch our enlightening sessions, on the UiPath Community Events Hub, here.

:compass: Challenge Requirements:

  1. Register on UiPath Community Forum: ensure you have a registered and active account on the UiPath Community Forum.
  2. Use Case Submission: submit your Use Case on the Forum Repository.
  3. UiPath Studio Web: Use Studio Web in your use case submission: Studio Web can be accessed via the Automation Cloud account or this direct link: studio.uipath.com . If you don’t have an account, you can create it here .
  4. Title Inclusion Requirement: Your title must begin with “My First Studio Web Project” + the use case name.

:trophy: Prizes:

:1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal: The TOP 3 most impactful and interesting applications of UiPath Studio Web use cases, as judged by the UiPath jury, will receive a $100 UiPath swag voucher and a chance to feature on the UiPath Community Blog.
:medal_sports: 4th – 10th place will be awarded a $60 UiPath swag voucher.

:balance_scale: Judging Criteria:

:one: Community Voting: The TOP 20 most voted submissions by the community will qualify for UiPath jury assessment.
:two: UiPath Jury Assessment: Submissions will be evaluated based on Business Value (30%), Level of Completion (30%), Innovation (30%), and a default 10% for submitting a use case.
:three: Multiple Submissions: While participants can submit multiple entries, only one award will be granted per person.

:calendar: Challenge Period: The challenge begins on March 19, 2024, with use case submissions ending on April 5, 2024.

:fire: Votes will be counted until April 12, 2024, and the winners will be announced on April 18, 2024.

Let the challenge begin! We can’t wait to see your innovative use cases and celebrate your achievements.

Best of luck to all participants!

UiPath Community Team

:loudspeaker: Feel free to download the banner and encourage your network to support your use case by voting.