UiPath connect badges and point system


Where can I find information about different Badges and how we can earn it? Also, I would like to understand, how the Point system works with respect to UiPath Connect. I try to find this information but couldn’t figure out. Sorry if I am missing something.

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Hi @Bhavik_Solanki

Once you create the profile in Connect, under your profile, you will see three tabs that focus on Community achievements, Training & Market Place

Community achievements includes all the badges and trophies you earn through the UiPath forum.

Training - All achievements you get through the UiPath Academy. Complete courses and you will gain badges

Market Place - Points you gain by contributing to the Go marketplace.

In all three categories, for each badge, it is mentioned what you have to do to gain the badge.

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@Lahiru.Fernando, Thanks for swift response. And what about point system. How it works? Is there any documentation / link available for that. e.g. you will get 10 points for each like on your reply, 50 points, if your post has been consider as Solution, 100 point for earning X badge and so on…

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No documentation as yet. Compared to the previous Connect, it is bit different now. and there are few bugs that I found and reported in the point system… Since the system is quite new, they will fix it in the coming days…

Only thing we can refer for now is, the badge description in our profile… that gives a clear idea on what to do to gain the badge :slight_smile: Each badge you earn, you will gain experience points allocated to each badge…

If you could check by profile in Connect, you will see how many points allocated to each badge I have earned… Below the badge name, the points are mentioned. And the badges that is grayed out and points mentioned as 0 are the badges that I have not earned and I have to work hard on those…

That’s the idea. make sense?


Sounds good. Good work around :slight_smile:

Thanks very much…

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Thanks!!! :smiley:

Hoping to see you around too!!! :slight_smile:

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