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:loudspeaker: HyperHack 2023 is now LIVE!
Are you a problem solver within your team or organization? Are you interested in creating effective, ground-breaking solutions with UiPath technology? Do you often think of innovative use cases for any business problem that you come across?
The UiPath Community invites you to choose your challenge from one of two categories and contribute to bringing automation ideas to life by identifying viable solutions.
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:rocket: Category 1: AI-Powered Automation Solutions

New AI-powered innovations push automation’s boundaries even further. With AI and RPA, businesses can identify new opportunities, reduce costs, and improve productivity. UiPath’s AI suite of products helps you orchestrate all moving pieces of AI, enabling you to instantly apply the limitless cognitive power of AI to any software currently being automated by RPA.
We challenge you to automate any Enterprise, Public Administration or Non-Profit Organization use case with UiPath automation and AI Solutions.
Document Understanding AI Center AI Computer Vision Task Mining Technology Integrations

:rocket: :rocket: Category 2: Innovation Through Core Business Automation Solutions

We challenge you to use at least 2 UiPath technologies/tools to build a solution to solve any Enterprise, Public Administration or Non-Profit Organization use case. It can be an out-of-the-box automation designed to benefit every employee at your organization or a unique personal assistant/automation. You can also use UiPath partner technologies to supplement your automation ideas. For example: Chatbots, APIs etc.
Automation Cloud Technology Integrations Automation Suite

:robot::alien: Who can participate?

  • RPA Professionals
  • AI/Business Analysts
  • Solution Architect
  • Enterprise Customers
  • Partners
  • Student Software Developers
  • Engineers
  • Testers
  • Anyone with ideas and automation skills

:trophy: Prize value in each category:

  • 1st Place - $4,500
  • 2nd Place - $3,000
  • 3rd Place - $1,500
  • UiPath HyperHack Certificate for all Finalists

:date: Key Dates:

June 15 - Registrations Open
June 22 - Enablement sessions begin
July 14 - Last date to register for the hackathon
July 21 - Last date for submitting a functional demo of your idea/solution
July 31 - Selected teams/Finalists to be notified
August 3 - Final Live Jury Round
August 7 - Winners announcement

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@diana.gray I subscribe to hyperhack, however the Community Edition license has limitations in terms of accessing certain advanced UiPath features (AI Center, Comunication Mining, etc). Is there a way to have access it and use in HyperHack?

When we look the project submission page we understand that these advanced features can be used, so I got confused how we can access it.

@riku_silva @samuc4

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I believe you can subscribe to a 60-day version of the Enterprise edition if you need the added functionality. Thanks Diana

Thanks for the response, but what if I don’t have an enterprise email to ask for trial?

Hi, I would like to know if there is any geo-restriction for using AI centre? I am from Hong Kong and I can’t see the AI centre even after subscribing the Enterprise trial version

Hi @syleung.rpa2023 ,
Good day. First off, I see this is your first time posting. Welcome to the community!

To your question, did you make sure that the service is added to the tenant you’re currently working with?
Like below

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To the best of my knowledge, unfortunately there’s no way you can get an enterprise trial without using a corporate email

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Camila – Is there someone you can create a team with that would have access?

These categories feel abit vague to me? Isn’t it basically any automation idea using AI Center for category one and any automation idea using 2 UiPath technologies for category 2?

Didnt previous years have more categories with more strict criteria in each of them?

Jon - You’re correct, we are looking for contestants to come to us with their ideas and not be inhibited by any restrictions this year. We know there are many out there with creative ideas - so we want to see what solutions registrants can come forward with.

Yes, I’m associated with a group. I have one more question. Is allowed to use comunication mining in our solution? This feature is not in enterprise trial. How can I manage this?

@Vibhor.Shrivastava @cristina.vidu @Rohit_Radhakrishnan

Greetings Camila, Do you happen to be a member of the insiders preview? Insider Preview Program | UiPath Communications mining activities are there. And sure, I don’t see why using that is an issue.

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I tried to find there but I think it’s not available…


If I would like to participant as a member in multiple teams, is that possible? Looks like I can register only once. Should I just list out all my team names in one registration?

That is weird. If you go to settings, does it show Communications mining as checked like in this example?

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You register once and then make sure you are added to the presentation for any of the teams you would like to participate on as part of the team – thanks Diana

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A quick observation:

The link for this line is leading to a different course.


cc: @diana.gray @Vibhor.Shrivastava @Rohit_Radhakrishnan

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