📢 Announcing UiPath HyperHack

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Announcing UiPath HyperHack :rocket:

You’re invited to build the future of automation with us in our pre-DevCon hackathon: ‘UiPath HyperHack

During this virtual contest, you’ll develop end-to-end solutions that stretch the boundaries of how the UiPath platform is used. Going beyond automation and embracing hyperautomation to solve real, impactful business challenges is what HyperHack is all about.

We challenge you to use at least three of the below UiPath products in your project:

• Task Capture
• StudioX
• Document Understanding
• AI Fabric
• Action Center
• Insights

Note: We assume you’ll implicitly use Studio, Studio Pro, Robots, Assistant, or Orchestrator in your projects, and therefore they’re not considered in the above list. You can also use our partner technologies to supplement your automation ideas e.g. Chatbots, APIs, etc.

1st Place - Vouchers - $5000 :1st_place_medal:
2nd Place - Vouchers - $3000 :2nd_place_medal:
3rd Place - Vouchers - $2000 :3rd_place_medal:

Most Innovative Solution - Vouchers - $500
Swag for all the finalists who pitch their solution

To find out more, visit UiPath HyperHack

:pushpin: Please post your questions related to HyperHack here to get answers from Community and Subject Matter Experts.


The solution would have to be developed during the virtual event and are there already some topics that we need to have our solution around or are we free to choose a scenario on our own?

Hi Anurag, last date to submit a functional demo of your idea is Aug 19th. You are free to choose a scenario on your own

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If we choose an IoT related scenario, how could we submit our solution?

You can create your solution and your video should show how it’s working. You should also share your UiPath workflow and details in the presentation so we can understand the whole project and judge. Please ensure to use at least three of the products mentioned

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it says “You can also use our partner technologies to supplement your automation ideas”, is Abbyy accepted?

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Yes you can use partner technologies ’ Abbyy’ also, however, you will still need to use at least three of the products listed


Great news. Continue to organize such events.

Maybe I misunderstood something.
But is there a platform or something whe should use to develop this project? Or are we totally free to choose to do whatever we want?
Thanks by advance

Hi, Solution should be developed using UiPath platform

Maybe I’m not accurate in what I say (almost sure actually). I will use uipath soft (what you call platform I guess).
But I meant, is there some documents to use, or a website, anything, or are we totally free and autonomous on this, and then should we use our material to develop?

Hi, you may find more details here UiPath HyperHack , in the resources section we have shared few links related to products we expect participants to use.
Let me know if this helps

OK thank you I’ll look at it

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Is there a community version for all the following products?
• Task Capture
• StudioX
• Document Understanding
• AI Fabric
• Action Center
• Insights

Respected Team,

Looking for team members can you please sort out this issue.Since Iam interested to participate in the UIpath community event hackathon.

Hi, StudioX is available in Community Edition and for others you can request enterprise trial version. You can find links to UiPath website in resources section to request trial. Let me know if it helps

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Hi, Just a suggestion - You want to post about it in RPA groups you are part of ( if any) or post on LinkedIn, you may get any team members. We will not be in position to help in creating team.

@Vibhor.Shrivastava We are participating as a team but didn’t give the team name and details at the time of registration because it wasn’t mandatory. Could you please help me in adding the team name. And is it mandatory for the other team members to give the same details apart from leader ?

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