UiPathPlatform.msi Where do i get this? I want to setup and configure a Robot. How to do that?

Installer(.exe or .msi): ??

License type(Free, Trial/License code): community edition

Studio/Robot version: ??

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The user guide does NOT clearly state where to obtain the UiRobot.exe file.

Is there a separate link besides the ones for the trial versions of the Enterprise and Community Editions of studio?

I re-downloaded the UiPathStudioSetup.exe which is what you get when you click the trail version buttons from the UiPath website and the subsequent email, but if I run this it re-installs UiPath Studio on my machine automatically and I didn’t see any options for only selecting UiPath Robot. I see the file name says “Studio” where what other file can I download?

I ONLY want to install UiPath Robot, I have the funding to purchase the license I just need to know where to download this file from.The instructions do not clearly lay this out it looks like many people have had this same inquiry. Can someone just post on here where/how to get this specific file for UiPath Robot only in simple language?

I will be conducting an install for a client and I already have the software (Studio) that I need on my machine for development. I do not want to show up to conduct the install and be trying to troubleshoot this in real time.


Hi @kevstu02

The Msi installer allows you to install each component separately.

If you already own the license, the Msi installer link can be requested from support upon providing your license details.

If you do not own the license yet, I believe you can request a 60 days Enterprise trial which would provide you with the link to the Msi installer.

As you can see, you can freely choose the components you want to install:

Thanks for the quick reply,

I think I must have clicked on the link for Studio Community Edition instead of the Enterprise Trial version. As soon as I get the license information in hand I will try again.

I just didn’t want to request an enterprise trial with my email when the license I am obtaining will belong to the client.

I’ll post an update after I try again with the license info.

Thanks for being so responsive!!!


It works!! I think I have what I need.

For any one that reads this thread and needs to get access to the Platform install file:

If you want to download the uipathplatform.msi file you can simply goto UiPath.com ----> Start Trial —> YOU MUST SELECT THE ENTERPRISE TRIAL LINK NOT the Community Edition.

Then you will receive an email with a link to download the UiPathPlatform.msi file. This file will give you the option of ONLY installing UiPath Robot if you want under the “Advanced” settings from the install wizard.

Alternatively, I believe there is a similar set of instructions when you receive a license key, which is what I am doing I just wanted to do a dry run before attempting it a a client.

Happy building!



Sadly this doesn’t seem to work anymore. Getting sent a link to uiPathPlatform.exe even on the Enterprise trial signup.

Really need the .msi file…

Thanks for the information. I need this to test install on my environment before installing on my customer’s environment. I am hoping that this is still the case because I will try this soon.

Hi @srdjan.suc

Actually, just create a cloud account here:

The installer will be available in the Resources tab :slight_smile:


Didn’t see that, thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks @srdjan.suc for providing this valuable information.

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