UiPath Community Edition Registration issue on Installation


I am getting the following error while trying to register after installing UiPath Community Edition on my windows os.



Activation failed with error: 0

Error description: No Error

License status: Server License Expired

Device ID: YmHgyQepOXKfMfiubziG

Computer: USER-PC

User Name: User


PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT TO DO. Need your support please.

Thanks and Regards

  • Debasish Hazra

Hi @d_hazra

This link/solution should help you:

You need to periodically renew your license for Community Edition.

Hi Sir,

I wish to extend my community license but there is a problem as earlier I used my old company mail id to register to uipath community license but now I have changed my company(switch my job) and old company mail Id is not accessible anymore.

Can I extend my community License using my new company mail ID for same Laptop (device ID)?