UiPath Community 20.10 Preview Release

Hi @ali.belcaid1

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Please make sure that:

  • you are licensed with a Studio Pro license in Orchestrator (if you are not licensed locally)
  • you switched to Studio Pro in the Studio profile settings

After a restart it should work :slight_smile:

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: it woks !

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After updating my UiPath.System.Activities package to 20.10.1-beta.1147753 the Join Wizard is no longer available on the Join Data Tables Activity.

This is strange. I just tested it and it seems to be there:

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Awesome Computer Vision, waiting to try new version with all these updates

Hi everyone,

Did you notice anything new in the UiPath Assistant?

Starting with the new release, pushed on Monday, the UiPath Assistant gets a new dimension. We added the Launchpad on the right-hand side in order for you to be able to keep the most used processes just a click away. Moreover, you can group and order your processes however you would like to:

Besides this, we also added an automation details page from where you can easily read the description of the process and edit the process configuration. This is based on the Studio/Orchestrator process description:


Facing issue with the Multi Assign Activity

This image, I have taken from 20.8.0 version, Look at the image, It is displaying properly.

This is image is from latest version of preview, observe How it is showing.

Hi, the object repository looks great.

I have a tangential question about a question in the forum :sweat_smile:

Apparently, 20.10 is supposed to allow us to use a data model class (as said by @JeffHalbert ) And I’m not sure how we can do this now?

Hi @P_Botrel - Please take a look at Data Service - Introducing UiPath Data Service preview

It allows you to define data models and import them in Studio as rich variable types for use within your automations. You can also choose to store/share data using Data Service.

Hey @BasiReddy - what version of Studio are you using?

Hi @mircea,

Version 20.6

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Hi @BasiReddy

Please update to the latest version 20.10 (also the activity packages).

Hi @loginerror,

But the description shows it will work after 2019.2 version.

It could be related to the activity version. You could give it a try on a few activity package versions, maybe a non-beta one.

However, it could also be a bug with the 20.6 version of Studio which is fixed in latest versions.

On the topic of the Studio Community Edition, it should update you to the latest version automatically, which means that you being stuck on 20.6 is a bug in itself :slight_smile:

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it should update you to the latest version automatically, which means that you being stuck on 20.6 is a bug in itself

Not necessarily. If you licensed it with an Enterprise key (locally or via Orchestrator) then auto-update is disabled. That’s one easy way to get locked in an intermediate version. But this is very corner case-ish. Either you are using MSI and Enteprise license (no autoupdate), or EXE and Community (with autoupdate).


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What is the credential vault encryption used by UiPath in Assets? how many bits, type, etc.

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Credentials are encrypted with AES 256:


It is now October 5 week, has the stable version been released?