UiPath code

Hi Team,

Actually i am supporting the bot which is already developed by someone, but this bot is failing everytime, and i am trying to debug that code, could you please help me to understand the code.

under that he has invoked lot of workflow, but it starts from here

@Rakesh_Tiwari Do you have a High level Understanding of what the process is? :sweat_smile:

yes, i know the about the process, but not fully as i have no option to see the manual work of it.

@Rakesh_Tiwari If you have a Step Wise Knowledge of how the Process Works, You can Use Debug Mode and And execute the Activities one by one and Compare it with the High Level Knowledge you have, That is the only way i can think of for Understanding the process :sweat_smile:


I guess, @supermanPunch Seems to be right here…

Bcoz if you go ahead and try to understand every “click” and “type into” from each and every workflow and sequences. It could make you more confused and panicky.

Also, it goes without saying that every developer has their own set of approaches and complexity to deal with the requirements, so maybe where previous developer has done that certain step with 15 activities, you can do very same task in just 2 steps (if you know what exactly needs to be done).

While, if you play around and scratch you head for hours acknowledging the 15 activities, it shall only waste your time.

So I suggest, you spend your critical time in understanding the deep level of the exact requirement.

Maybe if you understand every detail of it, you shall be able to create a fresh workflow in remarkably lesser time in even more optimized way.

This is what I have learnt from my experience.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,