Not able to Debug any workflow


Cant able to debug even simple workflows, getting below error

Steps to reproduce:

Just run any script in debug mode <it works in other system, only issue with mine>

Current Behavior:

Throwing error when i run script in debug mode

Expected Behavior:

Should able to debug the script

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:


Last stable behavior:

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Did you installed latest 2019 version of Ui path first ?

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Nope, before the enterprise trial, we had the community version 2018.2

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Not sure then, may be require a clean install, this problem happens when you install or re-install Ui path sometimes.

Need to delete previous installations folder from everywhere(program files, user, AppData) and then perform a clean install.

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Okay, will try that and let you know. :slight_smile:

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Hi @megharajky
just to suggest always try to hide device id whenever posting the SS :slight_smile:

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Okay sure, i will

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Happy learning :slight_smile:

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