Improve debugging speed

Running code in debug mode is a lot slower than executing normally - is it possible to improve execution speed?. I’ve attached example of code which runs under 1 second, but if you debug it - it runs 27 seconds. Main.xaml (10.8 KB) When developing robot if you manipulate with bigger structures (excel tables, reading data tables from ui) its normal for code which runs around 1 min to wait 20 mins in debug mode before you get to required area. I expected it to run slower, but not this much.

My suggestion:

  • Turn off “Highlight activities” by default when running code in debug until it stops on breakpoints
  • Turn on “Highlight activities” when debugger stops at breakpoints and developer goes step by step through code (bug??)
  • If code runs in debug mode - do not show variable values
  • If execute workflow was not opened and debugger does not stop in that file - do not open workflow (it opens huge amount of workflows which are not important but which are on code execution path)
  • Execute robot code at maximum speed until debugger encounters breakpoints, then let user go step by step

I definitely like point 4 of your suggestions. While the execution speed has not been that problematic for me so far, I do like showing workflows and running them live in meetings. This gives people a reasonable idea of what the workflow achieves, but is also often too fast to follow or doing things in the background. It would be fantastic to be able to use the debug mode to show people the steps in the workflow and talk them through it, stepping over invoked workflows unless I want to show one by pausing and manually stepping into it.

Strongly in favour of point 4 as well! Running loops in debug mode takes lots of time and defeats all purpose. I would like a ‘run to this point’ where the code runs on normal max speed until a certain point after which you can go stage by stage

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Hi, I would like to know how can I disable UiPath opens the workflows when it’s debugging? Thanks a lot!

Very good suggestions to run the entire process until your set break point.

Debugging a complex framework project is really frustrating.

Hi @RytisDamalakas

We’ve implemented several improvements to debugging since your last comment. Check it out :slight_smile: