UiPath changing ":" to ";"


I have a process that was running fine during my testing but when I ran it from the Orchestrator in a production environment it changed ":"s to ";"s. I changed the settings for the type into from SendWindowedMessages to Native which fixed the problem.

Does anyone know why this happened?

Because of keyboard type, these kind of issues may happen,

Do you mean using US english instead of UK?

Yes, correct…!

Thanks @rkelchuri but when I change the english on windows I get the a colon when I type a colon and a semicolon when I type a semicolon. Is there another way for me to prove that this is what causes the issue?

How would I figure out what the default language is for UiPath’s SendWindowedMessage type activity?

When you enable “SendWindowsMessage” option then it should work properly as expected. But there are some other problems with this. Example, you are trying to type Spanish characters then SendWindowsMessage will type garbage or missing characters.
So, in General you can use SendWindowsMessage to overcome small typing issues also it will work to click on objects when screen closed or Monitor closed condition.

Please manage with SendWindowsMessage for now.

Sorry @rkelchuri, I must have been unclear there. My colons are turning into semicolons when SendWindowedMessages is enabled. When SendWindowedMessages and Simulate are disabled, I don’t have this issue. I need to figure out why this is happening

When both the options are unchecked it means that the bot will be using the default settings now.

The Default application simulates a click or type with the help of the hardware driver, while the Simulate Type/Click method uses the technology of the target application. Lastly, the SendWindowMessages works by sending a specific message directly to the target application.

Reference :Input Methods

Brilliant! thanks for the assistance @rkelchuri and @mukeshkala. I should have paid more careful attention to the input method documentation for my answer.

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