UiPath cannot indicate elemets

Hi guys!

UiPath has very odd problem with indicating elements in MS Office 16.
Do you have some advice for this?

What are you trying to do? For most Excel use cases the Excel activities or Excel Extension activities should work well enough that you don’t need to automate in this fashion.

I totally agree with You, but unfortunately in this case I must do it this way because Acrobat plugin is always disabled and I must enable it every time Excel opens in order to continue with process.

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Hi Buddy @Nikola_Drazic

Usually in MS Office we can choose the options in the menu tab as element and we wont be able to select the cell as element

i hope we are using excel and not pdf…so microsoft excel is installation is must to get this done and thats fair enough buddy

Kindly correct me if i m wrong
Cheers @Nikola_Drazic

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Hi @Palaniyappan!

I hoped that I would saw some of your advices! :slight_smile:
My process goes soomething like this:

  1. generate some PDF file
  2. going through every sheet in Excel and convert that sheet to PDF
  3. create bundle PDF

And because of that convert I must use Adobe Acrobat, but this plugin is problem.
I tried changing ribbon settings in Excel and I tried to put this plugin like “trusted” in Trust Center but nothing helped. At the end I came up with this, and it was working without problem until today.


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