Issue with indicating element for click activity


I’m not sure if I should be going straight to UiPath support with this issue, so I will post here.

A part of my workflow I am developing involves using find and replace within an excel spreadsheet. This needs 4 or 5 click activities to open the find and replace menu, click find all, then click replace all, then click OK. When I am trying to indicate the buttons to click on, for example the Find All button, the blue highlighted box is nowhere near the mouse when hovering. It only stops working properly in excel, IE is working fine with indicating elements. I have managed to take a screenshot of this. (Mouse was over Find All button)

I looked at my packages and I have all the necessary ones installed, the activities are inside an attach window of the spreadsheet, and I didn’t have this issue 8 hours ago, when I successfully ran the entire process. Does anyone know what’s going on here?

Thanks in advance.

i guess you should use shortcut keys like

2)alt+n ----------Find what
use type in to activity
3)alt+e-----------replace with
use type in to activity


I went through the activities this morning, all the activities that weren’t working all seem to be working fine. It’s quite odd, I’m not sure why it was doing it, and why it is working this morning. If the issue occurs again, I will go to UiPath support.