How can we use azure pipline (DevOps Tool) for UiPath BOT devlopment

Can we use continues integration with azure pipeline for BOTs deployment.
If we made any changes into UiPath developer studio and commit changes in Git Repo, then it’s automatically deploy the BOTs. As we are doing manually, then publish the BOT in orchestrator from UiPath Developer studio. Orchestrator will push the BOT into multiple robot machine as configuration.

It continues deployment passible into UiPath using azure pipeline? if passible please share the documents as same.


I am also looking for the same!

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Dear @Pablito/@Ova,

Do you have any idea regarding this. I am also looking for the answer to the query asked by @radhey

Hi @kavita,
To be honest I don’t have any practice with Azure Pipeline.

See this plugin.

It can create a nugetpackage. Deployment to orchestrator should also work. Sadly it’s not documented.