UiPath Automation Hub Configuration with Azure AD SSO

Hi Team,

I have a requirement of Azure AD SSO configuration with UiPath Automation Hub .
to configure this what are steps i need to follow

Please suggest

Hi @loginerror
Could you please guide me on this.

Gopal Tewari


Please see this thread.
Today, we support Microsoft SSO for authentication, not for auto-provisioning of the users. There is nothing to configure on your side, just to make sure the users you want to have access to Automation Hub are previously added in the tenant (Admin Console > Manage Users > People), either one by one or by uploading a CSV.

A full Azure AD integration, which also covers auto-provisioning and bringing AD groups, is targeted to be enabled by the end of the year, when Automation Hub will be integrated with Automation Cloud (service exposed in the Automation Cloud platform). At that moment, the provisioning of the users will be done at the Automation Cloud central level, and in Automation Hub you will decide which users / groups should access the service.



Thanks a lot for your detail explanation :smiley:

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