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Can someone tell me, whether auto-provisioning through Azure AD has become available in Automation Hub yet? I don’t seem to find any information covering the roll-out. Except for this thread

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Hi @jstmyr.

As far as I know it has not been rolled out yet.
Do you have a workaround for that or are you doing the provisioning manually?

If you do the work manually perhaps an API Integration (automated user synchronisation) would make your life easier :slight_smile:


Hi @Filip_C,
thanks for your quick input!

Currently at my organization we do everything manually, but Automation Hub is just in a “Testing” Phase. To adopt it globally for the entire org, we need to have auto-provisioning of accounts, because we cannot spend all that time on manually upkeeping thousands of accounts.

Thanks for idea regarding APIs, I’ll have a look into that.

Any inputs from the UIPath-Team? (@loginerror)

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The Azure AD integration will be enabled in the Automation Cloud portal, where Automation Hub will also be exposed as a service (next to Orchestrator Cloud, Apps, Data Service, Action Center).
Please join the Insider Program in order to get early access to this capability, which will be launched into Private Preview during this month.
If you join both the Private Preview for Azure AD integration hosted by Automation Cloud and the Private Preview for the Automation Hub integration with Automation Cloud, then you will be able to benefit from auto-provisioning of the users that will use the Automation Hub service.

For leveraging the Open API in the meantime for automating the user provisioning and update, please check the Webinar around the Open API.

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Hi @Iulia_Istrate,

thanks so much for your reply!
This has helped me a lot.

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