Azure AD Authentication for Automation Cloud

Hi Everyone,

Me and my team are currently trying to configure Azure AD Authentication so that users can log into the Cloud Portal by clicking the ‘Continue with Microsoft’ button.

Currently, if users try to create an account using this button they are taken to a page titled: Need admin approval, and are presented with the following message:

“UiPath Automation Cloud needs permission to access resources in your organization that only an admin can grant. Please ask an admin to grant permission to this app before you can use it.”

Having read this page of documentation:

It says on this page that we should:

Set the Redirect URI by selecting Web from the drop-down and filling in the URL of the Orchestrator instance plus the suffix /identity/azure-signin-oidc . For example, .

However, in the image it shows setting the URI to:

My first question: which one of these is correct?

Secondly, the documentation then goes into a second section titled: Set Orchestrator/Identity Server to Use Azure AD Authentication

This however, seems to only be something that works with an on-premise orchestrator, not the Cloud Portal/Automation Cloud.

My second question: is this second part something that we need to concern ourselves with?

Thank you very much,