UiPath Auto Save


I’m using UiPath community edition and facing a problem of Auto save. While i’m trying different scenarios, it saves the framework automatically without any notice. Can anyone please guide where I can find this setting and disable it as its really causing me problems.


Hi @TroubledRobot,
Please see the below thread:

You can open the file C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiStudio.exe.config with e.g. Notepad and use “Ctrl + f” to locate “AutoSaveInterval” faster. Did it solve your problem?

Peculiar that I don’t see UiPath in either directory. I’ll have to try later. I’m on L3A2 and I’m scared I’ll miss the Dec 31 deadline!

Do you at least know the drive where your UiPath is installed? Can you use File Explorer to look for “UiStudio.exe.config”? The link to the file is valid for UiPath Studio Enterprise Edition, so maybe this is where the difference comes from…

THanks PAD. The file exists but 'AutoSaveInterval" doesn’t exist. I’m using Community edition. Any other option?

Hi @TroubledRobot
I understand that when you open UiStudio.exe.config with a notepad, you don’t have this part shown below:

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