Can't save my work on UiPath Studio!

I have a serious problem, i can no more save my modification on UiPath Studio?!

It has been like this for more than 2 weeks, before i used to close it and restart it. Now even that it doesn’t work?!

Anybody knows why ?

Thank you

A good old re-installment might do the trick.
Just be sure to backup your work before that!

@srdjan.suc i will do that, but what’s the issue causing that ?

Are you saving your work with a button “Save” or you are using the shortcut Ctrl + S?
If it is the second one, maybe you’ve switched something on your keyboard so the shortcut is not working properly?

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You were right, i haven’t noticed that. I haven’t changed my shortcuts, but might me in uipath and didn’t notice…

Thank you for you help

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Glad that it worked :slight_smile:

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@srdjan.suc umm, looks like that’s not the issue… still having the same problem even though i save the button save on UiPath.

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