File corrupted? : Save and Recover (Autosave) prompt

Hi, this strange thing happens randomly and i am unable to pinpoint why this is happening.

  1. UiPath process working perfectly today. i save the files, close my laptop, go home.

  2. next morning back to office, when i open the same file, i get prompted to recover file with (Autosave) attached at the end of my original filename…i agree and click OK.

  3. when i run my file, suddenly there are problem areas and errors which were not there since i close file yesterday.

Any idea? is this a bug? how to resolve this? this happens randomly so i am unable to replicate it at will.


It is observed in the latest version that sometimes even when you click save the project is not getting saved and may be you clicked on save and closed it

Hence you are getting autosave option…

And few changes might not have been saved



while i made sure it was saved a few times before i closed laptop last night, this morning, it happened again.

What used to run perfectly yesterday is now giving me error as follows :

I have the following argument which was auto-created by “extract Workflow” :

And this is the argument inside my called Workflow (also auto-created before) :

What is going on and how to resolve this kind of issues?


Looks like the fileis corrupted…can you create a replica and try…

And also this time if prompt comes try clickinh no and check if it comes again