UiPath Assistant Updated Showing No Processes - Feedback!

Hi team,

It seems I’m having an error about the new update version and UiPath Assistant, I’ve a post about it and I’d appreciated if you can reply about this:

This is the error I’m having:


This part of the Documentation is NOT happening:


Hi, may this will help u!!

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What a great support, I think is going to help a lot, thx so much.

Will keep you posted how it goes…

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I don’t see the Processes display on your Assistant on the video.

Can you add that part please?.

That is my issue, my Assistant does not display the processes I have and not sure why, if is because I dont have a ‘Modern’ folder or what?

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Hi @Carlos_Restrepo,

The part I don’t get is why I still don’t see any processes on my Assistant. As you can see on ,y Studio I have 3 processes (see IMG below).

Please let me know if I need to make a ‘Modern’ folder and make Processes there so the Assistant will show them?

No one has answered that question

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Hi everyone,

THANK GOD! as always!

RESOLVED!, YES is the answer to my question, I needed a ‘MODERN’ Folder and populate the processes there in order for the Assistant Update to show them.

This is where/how I got the solution:

1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-9wrMfZjk0

2- UiPath Assistant Updated Showing No Processes - Feedback!

3- Went from using Machne key to Service URL as the video above also walks through

Thanks to all who helped!
BE Safe!

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Just for the completion, see these tutorials :slight_smile:

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