UiPath Assistant not opening

Unable to open UiPath Assistant recently. Studio works fine. Would like to know how can I troubleshoot the issue.


May I know what version of UiPath studio are you using here ? Did you update version recently ?

Version 2022.4.0

Are you abel to see the UiPATH Assistant in the Start? Also are you getting any particular error while opening or its not opening without any response?

Did not see UiPath Assistant on the machine startup or when I open Task Manager. When I try to open I do not see errors.

Can you go to the folder where UiPath got installed? I think there you may find it… If still it’s not there, better to install a fresh copy.

I have already tried running the application from the UiPath folder. The Assistant does not start up on machine start up which it is set to do.

Is there any common fixes to this problem?

Did you tried to reinstall it? Do you have the same issue? Before 22.4 you were using an Enterprise or Community version?

I have tried. I am still using the community version.