UiPath Assistant auto play Processess

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is any way you can trigger/start a process using UiPath Assistant without actually Clicking on the ‘Play’ button?

I mean, since there is code behind it and it is an app with its own features there might be something we can try.

Thank you for any ideas/comments on this thought!

Be Safe!

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If you want it to run without clicking the play button you can just simply schedule them in the orchestrator so they run automatically at the scheduled time @MARIODC

Hope this helps you.


Thank you @Parth_Doshi,

That is a good idea of course but the challenge here is not to use Orchestrator, I wanted to find out if there is a way to access the ‘Assistant’ as explained before.

Thanks and Be Safe!

Use Task Scheduler

Thank you @mmcruzRPA,

Schedule is the first hand option but my inquiry and final challenge as I mentioned to @Parth_Doshi is not to use it and see if there is something else behind scenes we can try!

Why not use Task Scheduler? Works so well :stuck_out_tongue: no need for Orchesrator if you want just schedule auto play
UiPath Assistant doesn’t have autoplay feature until now, so if you don’t wan’t use Orchestrator, Task Scheduler is the option to go

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Answer is Yes (only if you have list of process names).

Create one bot and trigger/run it for first time. Let the bot to run command for each process and trigger it through command prompt one after another.