Assistant : possible to plan execution or not?

I have a question about the assistant. In the reboot your skills training, its is written : “Last but not least, the Reminder widget enables you to specify a time or period in which a selected process is executed.”
But for me the assistant do not launch the process but open just a popup for the end user to execute it.
Is there any possibility to really execute the process without user aciton ?

Hi. I’m not that familiar with all the new features that come with the Assistant and StudioX, however, from my experience with using Studio is that Orchestrator is used to trigger the job automatically.

If you look over the Orchestrator/Managment lesson, there is a link to the cloud version. So you could try scheduling it there.

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@jclhotellier that’s the correct behavior of the Assistant. Considering it is intended for attended environments, it needs to ask the user for permission before starting the process.

You could check the documentation to know more about it:

As @ClaytonM said, if you want to trigger a process automatically you will need to use Orchestrator.

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Thanks guys. Its what I thought but the explanation given in the training was confusing. Have a nice day !

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