Data Validation in UiPath Apps Controls

Can we have a functionality of having Data Validation in the UiPath Apps Controls.

Such as Text , Number or Email Validation - Some inbuilt validation.


Hi Mukesh!

You’ll be glad to hear that we have this on our roadmap. I don’t have an exact date for you yet, but this is something we’re looking at for Q4. Someone from the product team may reach out to you to learn a bit more about your requirements.


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Perfect , Happy to connect !

Hi mukesh, did you find any solution now

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I know this isn’t ideal, but a current workaround for this is to run a process (or a step at the beginning of your current process) to pass the arguments in from your App, run them against a RegEx in the process, and then return back a true/false if they are valid or not.

You can then set the subsequent process to only continue if all come back as true (or) show an error under each control if any of these come back as false using labels.

The main issue with this method is that you have to start the process first to engage the validation step, which typically happens from a button click, so it may feel unintuitive.