Uipath apps - reset value rule

Not able to clear data from datatable, tried using reset activity and set value.


Any suggestion/solution is more than welcome.

@sayali.rodge ,

This will not clear the data from data table. reset rule will bring your control value to the original state.

E.g if you have an input control and when you load page your control value is null and if you enter any value then reset it then this will bring to original state of control like null.


Hi @Arvind_Kumar1 Actually I am looking how I can clear the datatable or set it to Null.

@sayali.rodge .

where is your data bind with table? Is it data service or Process?


@Arvind_Kumar1 yes, table data is coming from process output.

@sayali.rodge ,

Thanks for clarifying, in that case if your data table has return value default then reset will not set as null or empty.

You will have to call process again and do that into process and return as null.

Reset rule just bring control value or app variable to original state and in your case your data table has original state as value.

Very well. Thank you for the explanation.

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