UiPath Apps Licensing


Is UiPath licensed seperately? I understand the document stated it is in the doc. But i can still enable task and use it with the current license we have.
What is the difference with/out purchsing the license?


Hi @LeoRX!

Whats your Orchestrator version?

As per the licensing model licenses are required for each unique user that is going to be accessing UiPath Apps.

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We are running 2019.10.17.
I’m confused why there doesn’t seem to be any restriction to enable tasks in orchestrator, create a task from studio and action on the task.

It is strange yes. In docs says:

It is also licensed separately as UiPath Apps. Contact our technical support team for details on how to purchase it.

In order to get the best response, you should probably contact technical support.

@loginerror do you have more information regarding this?

Hi @LeoRX

Is this your own on-premise installation or Cloud Platform orchestrator instance? :slight_smile:

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@loginerror its on-prem installation.

@LeoRX your observations are correct, for the time being enforcement is through legal contracts but in future versions, usage checks based on license allocation will be enforced. So basically we’re currently trusting you not to abuse it :smiley:


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