Orchestrator/Licensing question

Hi, i’m working as a junior rpa developer, the team I work with developed an application for calculating and declaring the monthly tax (VAT). We use UiPath to automatize the ETL process from our clients’ systems and the use of the application itself (attended). We want to make the jump and get an Orchestrator license, my question is the following. If our team get that license can we manage, control and monitor the robots we developed for all our clients, if that’s possible, my second question is: Should we be the ones who purchase all the licenses appart from the Orchestrator and Studio ones? Are there any legal problem in doing that?
Sorry for the question, I don’t even know if it makes senses but I coudn’t find info.

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hi @n.Tan ,

when you purchasing a license , Its licensed to only one company , so ownership of that orchestrator will be for one,

When your client buy the Orchestrator , i dont think its ethical to control their resources by you. But if they not aware or requested to control by your end , to can request them to open it to your accessible (or even you can train some one who work on their to manage it),

and other thing is you can you can purchase the orchestrator and through your one give them the services , so that one you can manage multiple client form your Orchestrator as you want .i dont see any illegal combination bind with this option , because of some companies doing this already

Anyway to clarify you can refer UIPATH TOU

And need more relevant of the legal background , you can contact your regional uipath staff to sort out your issue

Thanks so much Maneesha!

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always welcome

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Hi. If you are a UiPath Partner providing services, as far as I know, you can purchase the licenses in a BPO model and provide them as a service to your client (end user). This way you are managing the service, which includes the license.