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Hi, can you share a bit more on licencing for Apps - with automation cloud vs on Prem - are there differences? is this a separate license with unlimited users? or tied with in the package? thanks

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Check out this forum post discussing the exact question you have.

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This does not answer my question in anyway

Hi @aussta,

UiPath now sells licenses in SKU’s, basically everything is bundled. You can checkout this page for more details : https://licensing.uipath.com/

To have access to UiPath apps you need own specific SKU licenses, below are some examples:

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Hi Nithin,

Can a normal ‘UiPath Automation Cloud’ account user access the web app built using ‘UiPath Apps’ please? Or Does the “consuming user” requires SKU licences listed above (like citizen developer, Attended Named User etc) as well?


@jawahar.mariappan.WL ,

The Action center SKU includes Apps + DS + IS. So essentially you need to buy action center User SKU.


Hi @jawahar.mariappan.WL,

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Let’s say you have created a UiPath App (Using Automation Developer/Citizen Developer/Action Center/Attended License) and your requirement is to provide access to another Automation Cloud User just to run the UiPath App you can share the UiPath App with the said user & assign User (Can run) role on the UiPath App for the specific user and you should be good to go.

User Permissions on Automation Cloud Account Level:

User Permissions on the UiPath App:

To sum it all Up : To access a UiPath App a given user just needs a UiPath Automation Cloud Account with access to the said Automation Cloud Organization & the UiPath App itself, no other SKU License is required.

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Hi @Nithin_P : Yes you are right (if users want to run via Apps and get results from Data Service table then no license is required ) even i have tested with few test users (using gmail accounts) to access App link but didn’t understand why sales team are trying to sell Action center license per user.

My query is related to push data through UiPath App and update Data Service table. Do i need license or not in Production?