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I need some help in configuring the Postpone field in the Add to Queue operation. I am specifically referring to this function Rule: Add to Queue (uipath.com)

Inside the Postpone field, I would like to know how to select proper future dates in a string format. I am aware of the instructions inside the document, in which you can add time using numeric value to add hours etc.

When I select


I get

Formula is as follows. I am specifically referring to the ‘else’ section of the IF condition.

My Timezone is GMT+2
Orchestrator Timezone is UTC

Thank you

Solved it on my own as follows.

Dates in Apps are epoch times when used in mathematical expressions, so, I substract Now() from Datepicker.value which leads me to a number like , for example, 47,105,670. This number is the difference in miliseconds between the two dates. Afterwards I divide it by 1000 to get the seconds, and divide it once more by 3600 to get the hours. Since Postpone will accept only ‘Delay by X hours’ values, I simply pass it the hour values I got from my calculation. Unfortunately, if I pass it like this I still get a 7 hours behind the selected date, but this can be fixed by adding +8 to the ecuation.

Hours difference =

Postpone by


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