Postponed period in queue (showing wrong value)

I’m passing postponed period (in date time format =17/11/2021 17:20:50) in Add to Queue activity.

It is showing wrong value as Postponed period (11/17/2021 6:30:00 AM) in queue item.

How to solve this issue?

Hi @Sonalk @glachnitt,

For some reason the documentation of add queue item and bulk to queue are only satisfactory. They are both quite cryptic.

The one thing I notice is that they specific if you have any issues with the postpone tag that you can use the US culture info to convert your local time from the robot.

The orchestrator may parse it to your local time zone. If this is what they mean in their documentation. You will have to test this if this is the case.

I know it’s quite confusing!

Linking @glachnitt question here as well : The time of the Postpone and Deadline dates change when I use add queue item

Please also be aware of other bugs / behaviours from this thread when using postpone field : Order processing queue

@jeevith : Just to add here. We are using Cloud Orchestrator and tenant setting is based on our geography.

I’ve tried passing UTC time as well but didn’t get the excepted value.


Check for the date format been passed as
Queue item Postpone have some standard times defined in uipath doc and it will always prefer those formats.

Read this

Cheers @Sonalk

Thanks @Palaniyappan : I’ve passed postponed period in below format but getting same issue of wrong values in AM.

Convert.ToDateTime(NextDate.ToString(“yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss”))

NextDate is in datetime format with value 11/23/2021 16:30:00

Issue is now resolved after updating tenant time zone settings.

It was wrongly defined as UTC.

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