The time of the Postpone and Deadline dates change when I use add queue item

In studio, when I use the “Add Queue Item” activity with a postpone date and/or a deadline, the time of the dates I provide shift.

For example, if I send a datetime object with the date and time of 6-23-2021 1:00AM to postpone date, the queue item ends up with a postpone date of 6-23-2021 6:00AM.

I am in the Central US timezone.

It seems like UiPath is assuming I’m sending it a time in my local timezone, but orchestrator converts it to UTC. All other times (triggers, log entries, etc.) in Orchestrator all follow my local timezone. They do not seem to be in UTC. I have not yet tested when the queue item is actually released, but I assume that time will be in my local timezone as well (6:00A in my example).

I see this behavior even if I send DateTime.Now as the datetime object. I assume that would have the proper timezone info.

If I run a process from orchestrator and use parameters to pass in a string representation of the postpone or deadline datetimes, I do not get the time shifts.

Can anyone explain to me what is going on?

I have checked the timezone settings of both the studio client machine and the orchestrator server machine. Both are set correctly.