UiPath and Microsoft Teams (screen sharing issue)

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during a POC i was presenting my screen with Microsoft Teams and i start my flow to see customer the execution. But it seems that something between UiPath and Teams goes wrong because selector doesn’t work very well during screen sharing but, if i stop to share my screen selector come to work fine again. Did you ever notice this behavior?
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Hi @m.mezzacapo, I have the same experience before. Let me guess, you are using chrome in the process? Somehow, teams and chorme have some shared properties so when sharing thru teams the UI selectors get confused. Sharing using other conferincing app worked fine (e.g. Skype, Zoom). Another way is to have your UiPath demo from another machine and just RD to it.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that MS Teams desktop is just basically a wrapper for the web app with Chromium as the browser engine.

To achieve this, the Teams desktop client was developed on Electron, which uses Chromium for rendering. This is the same rendering engine behind many of today’s most popular browsers, including Edge and Chrome.

Source: How Microsoft Teams uses memory - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

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