My process is getting failed when I present or share my screen through webex or microsoft teams


I am learner at Uipath and stuck with an issue. I have a WebAutomation Process and when i try to present it through Cisco Webex or share it through Microsoft Teams, Uipath is getting failed at identifying elements and misplacing the web elements. All my selectors are clean without dynamically changing attributes. it works well normally.

It is really crucial for me to present this through Webex meetings and Microsoft Teams. Can i Solve this without using a remote desktop connection?

Please help. Any ideas are genuinely appreciated.

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Hi @Srikavya_n,

i had the same issue with sharing my screen while running a process on the same computer. Sometimes the hotkey i sent were sent to the ms teams window and not the correct application.

I would suggest deploying the robot on a virtual machine and watching it via remote desktop session. Otherwise you could try making a video of your screen while the robot runs and show that video via teams?

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I think its not the right way to present live via share applications.Maybe what you can do is to record the automation and present it to them. @Srikavya_n

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it could be a screen resolution when you do a screen sharing.
try to set the same screen resolution during the sharing - it will resolve the issue.

That would actually work fine but make sure that the UI Element is not disturbed while the execution is done
And also enable simulate click or simulate type property in the property panel of click and type into activity

Or may I know what error you are getting when it is screen shared

Cheers @Srikavya_n

Hi @Palaniyappan ,
I’m getting error for “On element appear” while sharing screen on Teams and Webex. Clicks and other activities are working fine, but this On element appear is throwing out error.
Help me out!